Welcome to 2019!  It’s a new year, a fresh start and time for those infamous New Year’s resolutions.  As you think through your goals for 2019, don’t forget to include a few resolutions to improve your home.  Data suggests writing down your goals and planning for achieving them is the best way to make sure those resolutions become reality.  We’ve come up with a few real estate resolutions below that might be worthy of your list this year.

Whether you are hosting visitors, planning a move, or preparing to sell, decluttering is a resolution that  has benefits for every home.  It can be an overwhelming process, but if you plan a monthly approach room by room, the process can be tamed with success.  Schedule time on your calendar or add 15 minutes of decluttering and organizing to your chore list and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the progress after a few months. 

Feeling like your home is ready for a revamp or maybe needs to grow a bit.  If you are planning a home renovation, get started early in the year with your planning.  After all your holiday guests are gone and the winter blues begin to set in, planning for a fresh update to your home can be a something to look forward to.  Renovations can be costly and time consuming so start planning early to make sure you understand the budget, timeline and goals for your project.  Once you have an outline of your ideas, you can then start a search for local contractors and professionals to help you get started on the process.

Tackle those home maintenance chores you’ve been putting off with a commitment to complete them in 2019.  Make a list of the repairs or maintenance tasks that you need to accomplish and create a reasonable schedule to tackle these.  One task per week or a few per month can help you work through the needed repairs without being overwhelmed.  Scheduling these can also help you plan and budget which will make your repairs go more smoothly once you’ve started.

Is 2019 the year you want to buy a new home?  If so, start getting your finances in shape for loan pre-qualification to make your buying process smoother and to get a firm understanding of your budget.  You can also start saving now for a down payment on your dream home. Determine your desired down payment target and then set a budget to help you save for that down payment so everything is ready when you find your dream home.  Once you have your budget and pre-approval, call our team at Outer Banks Realty Solutions at 252-261-9003 and let our team start the search for your dream home.

Looking to improve your financial situation in 2019?  Think about paying a few extra mortgage payments this year.  If you budget for a mortgage payment every 4 weeks (versus every month), you will make one extra payment this year (and in future years) which can make a big impact on your overall interest and payoff terms.  If you can swing it, shoot for two extra payments in 2019 and see how much it can impact your mortgage interest.

If selling your home is in the plans for 2019, get it ready to be on the market earlier than others.  Beating the competition to market as the spring buying season heats up could be a big advantage for your home.  Talk with our team at Outer Banks Realty Solutions, 252-261-9003, about next steps in how to get your home prepared for listing in our OBX market.

Whether 2019 is the year for organization, financial success, a new home or a new city, our team at Outer Banks Realty Solutions hope the new year brings you happiness, health and that all your resolutions become reality this year.