Thinking of listing your home for sale?  If so, our Outer Banks Realty team can help you understand the market, list at the best price point and get your home sold for top dollar.

To see the best results, you also have some work to do to help bring top dollar and sell your home.  Data from the National Association of Realtors showed that 81% of home buyers find it easier to see themselves in a home that is staged well.  This means that decluttering and staging your home to show buyers their future is a critical task before your home goes on the market.


While decluttering can be overwhelming, taking the process one room at a time can help.  Below are some tips for helping you tackle and prepare your home to drive top dollar and a fast sale.

  • Bedrooms- remove knickknacks, personal items and toys from immediate view.  Consider storing toys or photos in baskets or storage bins in closets or under the bed and out of view when you walk in the room.
  • Bathrooms- bring some sparkle back to your bathrooms with a good deep cleaning of the tile, grout, bath and shower to make sure everything looks shiny and clean for buyers.
  • Furniture- walk through your home as a buyer would and consider if there are pieces of furniture that are making the space feel crowded.  If so, consider storing or selling a few items to make your home feel more spacious and open. 
  • Kitchens- deep cleaning appliances, decluttering counter tops and straightening cabinets will help insure your kitchen feels clean and spacious.  If you have a small kitchen, consider alternate storage for appliances you use rarely so that cabinets and pantries don’t seem overcrowded to buyers.
  • Landscaping- make sure bushes and landscaping beds are in top form.  Prune bushes, pull weeds and add some new mulch or pine straw to give your outdoor space a fresh feel.
  • Living room- here again, remove knick knacks and personal items.  Think about investing in a few pillows, lamps or rugs to update the space.
  • Repairs- if you know there are items that need to be addressed in your home, now is the time.  Investing in repairs now will avoid them ending up on the buyer inspection list or potentially scaring buyers off.
  • Repaint- while not always necessary, painting is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to update and refresh your home.  Consider if your current paint needs an update and whether this investment in time and money would pay off for you as buyers preview your home.

While preparing your home for sale may seem overwhelming, it is worth it to make your home show well for potential buyers. Think about your preparation in simple steps, one room at a time, week by week as you prepare for your first showing or open house.  If you are ready to list your home for sale, let our team at Outer Banks Realty Solutions help you take the next step by contacting us at 252-261-9003.