It can be overwhelming… cleaning, planning menus, prepping table settings and getting everything ready for guests for holiday entertaining.  With some planning tips, you can make holiday entertaining less stressful and more fun and festive.  Try these suggestions below to minimize stress and maximize your holiday cheer:


  • Take time to plan… set aside time a few weeks ahead of your hosted event to write down ideas about key menu items, fun activities and entertainment and important to-dos ahead of the event.  Over the weeks leading up to guest arrivals, add more details to the planning notes to solidify your plans and make sure nothing is forgotten.


  • Make a cleaning schedule… to avoid a cleaning crisis ahead of your holiday event, tackle home cleaning a little every day by making a cleaning plan for 1-2 weeks ahead.  This lets you take on a big job a little at a time and insures everything is neat & clean before your guests arrive.


  • Plan a music play list to help set the mood for your holidays.  Jot down some of your favorites & old classics and start a play list you can use throughout your entertaining season.


  • Stock the basics.  Avoid last minute trips to the store by stocking your pantry with basic baking supplies and making sure you have extra toiletries, paper towels and quick clean up supplies. 


  • Prepare your guest rooms to make guests comfortable with bottled water, extra blankets and a basket of toiletries in the guest bathroom.  Print out your wifi password and frame it on a guest side table so it’s easy to find and add a nightlight to help guests navigate their way in the dark.


  • Set the table ahead of time identify items you may needand to get the holiday spirit going throughout your home ahead of guests arrival.


  • Buy fresh greens and flowers and seasonal candles to help your home look and smell inviting for your guests.


  • Remember to enjoy the event… with all the planning and preparation it’s easy to forget to relax and enjoy time spent with your guests.. make it a priority once everyone arrives to make the most of your time together and not to stress about the little details.

Wishing you a wonderful (and stress free) holiday season from our team at Outer Banks Realty Solutions.